Prostate Massage

Prostate massage is a very wonderful thing, for several different reasons.



First of all, it is very healthy to stimulate and empty the prostate. It keeps the prostate from enlarging and prevents you from getting prostate cancer.



The prostate is where seminal fluid is made and stored. This seminal fluid combines with sperm (made in the testicles) to make semen.



Seminal fluid in the prostate should be emptied and renewed on a regular basis, since the stagnant fluid can have toxins that may lead to prostate cancer -- and this is of particular concern for older men. Thus it is extremely important to get prostate massages, to masturbate, and to have sex often to maintain a healthy prostate and vibrant sex life.



I do a fantastic prostate massage. I am very experienced with those who are new to prostate massage, and I go very slowly and gently, using gloved fingers and hands. When it makes sense, I may also use a vibrating, penetrating sex toy (also safely covered) that provides an absolutely amazing, intense sensation. 


An orgasm coupled with stimulation of the prostate feels stronger and lasts a lot longer than most anything else you have experienced. It is more like a full body orgasm, producing a lot more fluid than normal. It is a phenomenal experience that I highly recommend to all men.


The health benefits and the enhancement of the orgasm are both absolutely incredible. I cannot recommend it enough.