My Philosophy


I find BDSM so interesting, fascinating, fun, creative and therapeutic. I love being in charge and order my slaves around. I am very loving to them and to my clients as well as firm and strong. I am never abusive. The type of Domination I practice is light and loving. I inflict pain when I am asked to but I am very careful to respect all wishes like no marks and no pain...I have not been trained in extreme and advanced techniques nor do I wish to be. I love to initiate the brand new clients to BDSM, to FBSM (Full Body Sensual Massage) and to PM (Prostate Massage).


During my sessions, I teach and educate about BDSM and about the health benefits of prostate massages and other health topics and I recommend books like the one called Consensual Masochism which is one of the best book on S&M, movies like Venus in Fur and the very awesome calendar gathering all the BDSM events in the Bay Area called as well as the Facebook of BDSM called


I absolutely love mixing all my skills during my sessions. I teach about BDSM and Prostate massage while I mix BDSM, FBSM and PM which results in a huge orgasm and a very profound relaxation. Domination is usually done with soft, loving and tender moments since I deeply believe it is important to mix the two. Sacred connections and intimacy is to me and to all of us I believe the most important thing we all want to experience so that is what I strive to provide first and foremost. That is why I have chosen to work on the floor on a very comfortable mat. We are so much closer to each other and it is so much more intimate.