My name is Sabrina Fairchild. I am from France. I am a professional dominatrix and massage therapist. I do a great sensual massage (FBSM) with optional BDSM and an optional prostate massage. 


I am 5'3", petite, athletic, in my mid-thirties. I have olive skin, dark eyes and long dark hair. I look very exotic.


I am sweet, feminine and playful with a delicious French accent. My soft and long dark hair, silky skin and loving smile will enchant you. 


I was born and raised in France, in Burgundy where the great wine and the great food are. I did all my schooling in Alsace Lorraine in France where I studied several  languages. I now speak fluent French and English, conversation Spanish and German and I understand a lot of Italian and Portuguese.


I traveled to over 15 countries and I lived for over a month in India, Thailand, Scotland, England, Spain, Germany, Algeria and Morocco. 


I have a Bachelor Degree in English and Spanish from the Strasbourg University in France and I learned Thai Massage in Thailand.


I have practiced massage for the last 20 years, getting certified in Reiki, Reconnective Healing and the Reconnection, Thai massage in Thailand and Swedish massage at Harbin Hot Springs where I have the pleasure to have been at least 20 times.... I also studied natural healing all those years and I am happy to say that I know a lot about it. I share what I know when I see the need arise or when the conversation take us there. I took classes, went to parties and read books about BDSM. I very happily became a professional Dominatrix about 6 years ago.


I love babies although I do not have any children and I have never been married, I also love nature and exercising. I do weight lifting with kettle bells, yoga, hiking and biking.


Travel is my passion.


Being European, it is easier to travel and to speak several languages. I took languages at University in Strasbourg, France and I traveled a lot so I speak French and English fluently, I speak conversation Spanish and German and I understand a lot of Italian and Portuguese.


I have traveled in more than 15 countries. I spent 2 months in Thailand where I mostly lived in Bangkok but I went to spend time in Chang Mai and Kho Samui, I went to Morocco several times and I spent a month in Marrakech, I went to Spain several times and spent a month in Madrid, I went to Germany many times mostly because I lived in Alsace Lorraine on the border with Germany for many years, I went to Scotland where I spent two years, I also spent two years in London. I spent a month in India near Bangalore, I spent a month in Algeria. I went to Italy at least 5 times and I went several times to Switzerland. I went to Prague and to Austria. I spent several months in Corsica. I went to Burma.


I did the Tour Guiding School in San Francisco so I am also a tour guide. I love talking about travel with all my clients and I love helping them with recommendations to places not to miss and to visit.